RHope – Restoring Hope Make a Difference
Rhope children and leaders in Kenya

Make a Difference

What does sponsorship mean?

The children within the RHope program come from very difficult living situations.  Some children are orphans and some are from a single parent homes.  They all come from poverty-stricken backgrounds.  Education is the key for these children to break out of the poverty they live in.  In these countries, education is not free.  Sponsorship means these children will finally get to attend school on a regular basis. They will have school uniforms and supplies paid for.  When they are at school, they are provided with two meals a day.  Some children’s boarding is also paid for with monthly sponsorship.  Once the children are sponsored, they understand they will be able to attend school on a regular basis. As a result of attending school on a regular basis, we start to see them have HOPE and start to DREAM of a future.

RHope currently serves and works in the countries of Kenya and India.  In both of these places, we have partnered with the local church in the community where the children live.  The local church is the hands and feet of RHope within each country.  The church comes along side and mentors each of these children emotionally and spiritually.We also raise funds through one-time gifts.  One-time gifts help pay for things beyond what the normal sponsorship might cover, such as medical needs, additional tutoring, and other special needs.